Modern farming technology and land management require effective water table control. Excess water can lead to restricted land access, reduced crop yields, erosion and environmental damage.

Polypipe is the market leader in the supply of land drainage products, with well established expertise in the design and supply of land drainage systems.

Polypipe Civils offers an unrivalled commitment to the agricultural to the agricultural sector, with one of the largest dedicated manufacturing facilities. We offer a choice of materials, diameters, colours and coil lengths, complimented by a unique range of systems specifically designed for the agricultural market.


Single wall corrugated land drainage pipe offers:

  • Full range of pipes and fittings in sizes from 60 - 330mm
  • All systems Kitemarked to BS 4962
  • Perforated and unperforated options
  • Available with geotextile wrap
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Supported by a full range of fittings

Landcoil is manufactured in blue uPVC. The system is durable and easy to install. Landcoil is kitemarked to BS 4962. Yellow is also available subject to minimum order quantities and lead times.

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Feildcoil is manufactured in black Polypropylene with both perforated and unperforated options. Fieldcoil meets all the requirements of the BS 4962 standard and is accordingly kitemarked.

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All our coiled land drainage pipes are avaiable wrapped. For further information please contact our Technical office.

Linflex Type 8
Nominal Size (mm)
Length (m)

Other wrapped Land Drainage coils available on request subject to minimum order quantities and lead times.

NBS Specification Clauses
National Building Specification (NBS) is a comprehensive library of standard clauses organised in a structured format. NBS Plus is a library of technical product information, linking both products and their applications to the relevant NBS clauses, thereby assisting in the accurate drafting of specifications. Polypipe Civils have prepared standard NBS clauses for their entire range of products to assist the specifier.

R12 Below Ground Drainage
R12 - 160 - Groundwater pressure relief filter drain for surface water
R12 - 165 - Groundwater pressure relief fin drain for surface and sub surface water
R12 - 168 - Groundwater pressure relief blanket drain
R13 Land Drainage
R13 - 211 - Filter drain with pipe
R13 - 215 - Filter drain with geotextile wrapped pipe
R13 - 220 - Filter drain with pipe and geotextile-trench lining
R13 - 227 - Fin drain with pipe
R13 - 241 - Pipe drain

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